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Category: Articles

The Odyssey To Apple: on the trials of publishing in the iBookstore

Posted on 04/14/12 by Ed.

Being able to publish digitally is a liberating experience for many writers, but that freedom can come with other hats to wear, including becoming your own sales department. Getting a digital book into an online store is far easier than getting printed books into brick-and-mortar stores but, there are still hurdles to overcome. Unless you […]

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Is the publishing industry eating itself?

Posted on 03/07/12 by Ed.

We hear much about how the publishing industry is changing, and it is often attributed to the growing emphasis on digital content, eReaders, tablets, and so on.  The economy, a factor in every business, has hit this industry like many others and, with customers tightening their wallets, lowering prices is a common way many businesses […]

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The future of reading (or…Of Bits and Books)

Posted on 03/03/12 by Ed.
Dino cartoon

It is true, and probably forever will be, that people have an affinity for holding a real paper-and-print book in their hands. Maybe it’s the simple comfort of something tried and true, but there is definitely a psychological allure to a bound set of pages that represent adventure and knowledge, like a treasure chest waiting […]

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