Apple under bell jarThe Odyssey To Apple: On the trials of publishing in the iBookstore
Being able to publish digitally is a liberating experience for many writers, but that freedom can come with other hats to wear, including becoming your own sales department. Getting a digital book into an online store is far easier than getting printed books into brick-and-mortar stores, but there are(…)


VikshipsIs the publishing industry eating itself
I thought more about the way books are sold in brick and mortar stores, and an observation I made while working in that end of the business led to the title of this article. In a very specific way, the process by which books are being sold appeared to me to be undermining its own foundation. It began when (…)


Dino cartoonThe Future of Reading (or…of Bits and Books)
It is true, and probably forever will be, that people have an affinity for holding a real paper-and-print book in their hands. Maybe it’s the simple comfort of something tried and true, but there is definitely a psychological allure to a bound set of pages that represent adventure and knowledge, like (…)z