Two startling films and the facts behind them reveal, once and for all, the existence of an incredible technology behind the UFO phenomenon.

As no other book has ever done, X Descending  documents how private study of an unpublished daylight, multi-witness UFO movie, filmed by veteran UFO researcher Ray Stanford, resulted in a major aerospace propulsion breakthrough. Until now, no book could show that aerospace propulsion science has directly benefited from studying a UFO film. Here is the evidence, with an in-depth documentation of how it has occurred.

X Descending also opens up the mysterious Paul Bennewitz case with startlingly detailed, hitherto unpublished color film-frame images clearly revealing that, whatever objects Bennewitz saw and filmed within the Manzano Weapon Storage Area at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., they are exotic, technological, and nothing with which, even today, we are familiar. Included are a discussion of Bennewitz’s early experiences, and a serious examination of the counterintelligence effort to suppress the evidence of what he had seen and filmed. This book names names.

Well documented and with full color illustrations, the digital edition is available on Amazon and Apple Books (and pdf from the author).