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Censorship pressure from Credit Card companies?

Posted on 03/08/12 by Ed.

March 5, 2012: Are credit card companies now taking part in censoring free speech by refusing to honor transactions for certain types of literature? It is a dangerous precedent when those who directly or indirectly control the money flow, use their influence and power to infringe on your freedom of speech. Smashwords, an independent publisher, […]

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Publisher’s Weekly: “Big Six” publishers turning away midlist authors…

Posted on 11/14/11 by Ed.

More signs that the ‘big six’ publishers are shutting the door on midlist authors: The November 7, 2011 issue of Publisher’s Weekly presents an article by Rachel Deahl about the diminishing interest the few large publishing houses have in the majority of authors. In essence, these big publishers do not have the same interest in […]

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Amazon “Fire” color tablet available

Posted on 11/13/11 by Ed.

  AMAZON has released the Kindle “Fire” color tablet. Read some of the latest reviews: ZDnet: Pro’s and Con’s of the Kindle and Nook–and upcoming developments MSNBC: Amazon’s Kindle Fire apps show Apple-like strategy  

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Publishing news — Amazon takes on the establishment

Posted on 11/13/11 by Ed.

It’s a great time to be an author now that digital publishing and Tablets have become so prevalent. The most valuable commodity, what Ayn Rand called “The Fountainhead”, is the source of the creativity from which everything springs—the mind of the author. Until now, however, authors have often been at the sole mercy of agents and […]

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