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Fravor's Tapes?

This article examines curious statements, including accounts by both David Fravor and Alex Deitrich, indicating there -was- video taken during their 2004 encounter--an original and a copy!

Why AATIP was something else!

A hard look behind the curtain at how the Reid/Bigelow $22 million dollar ufo research contract inspired by the Nimitz events was seemingly co-opted by OSD and ultimately presented as a Pentagon program...aka AATIP.

The ONI Report That Tried To Become An AATIP Report...

How the claims of being provided an ONI report for an eye-opening early 2015 article on the Nimitz events changed to fit the new narrative that everything came from AATIP!

Bigelow, BAASS, the Nimitz encounters, and To The Stars Academy

The original lengthy 2019 updated article examining claims and evidence that led to questions and conflicts in the narrative presented by TTSA.

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