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Disappearing MOD photo? (UK)

Posted on March 22, 2012 by Ed.

A very interesting article appears in the Huffington Post (03/19/12) concerning a UFO photo, previously displayed on a wall in Britain’s MOD, that apparently ‘disappeared’. According to the article:

The photo was one of six taken by a pair of hikers who spotted a strange diamond-shaped object in the sky over Pitlochry, Scotland, on Aug. 4, 1990. It appeared to hover in the air near an Royal Air Force Harrier jet. Eyewitnesses reported seeing the unusual object above the ground for nearly 10 minutes before it zoomed away at high speed.

Of course, you have to wonder why it would be on the wall at all if there had been any suspicion it was a genuine ‘UFO’ photo. I doubt that’s standard practice. Perhaps the photo was genuine, and perhaps the witnesses did see a diamond shaped vehicle accompanied by a Harrier jet. But the only factors that make this seem wholly unconventional are that it  appeared to hover  and then  zoomed away at high speed. If the MOD had all the negatives and the full story (which are now missing, and apparently no one knows how to contact the two original witnesses), a few choice words added to the details would make for clever disinformation.

Removing the above factors would make it much easier to follow why Pope’s superior officer seemed so convinced this was a “secret prototype aircraft from America”. Back in 1992 there were reports of a vehicle sighted over Scotland that was said to be the mysterious Aurora. Exact descriptions of the Aurora have varied from rectangular to a flattened American football. (Then again, maybe this is disinformation for a genuine diamond-shaped UFO seen in the MOD photo.)

Nevertheless, if the story is true and accurate, and Nick Pope has always been credible enough, then it does make you wonder. With a photograph important enough to be enlarged and mounted in the MOD offices back in the early 1990s, are we to believe that someone in charge would have it removed and summarily destroyed? (…suuurrre.)

(See the HP article here)